Outstanding: Feibo Laser defines itself as the leader of laser industry. It has always been in the forefront of laser industry and is determined to lead the development of laser industry. Feibo Laser contributed for the development of laser industry, and will guide the development trend in future. Since its establishment, Feibo Laser has followed an R&D strategy of differentiation through product performance utilizing different technologies, in order to bring the lasers more added technology value. Therefore, Feibo Laser makes itself outstanding in all laser manufacturers.

Professional: Feibo Laser requires itself at the highest standard. It integrates R&D, manufacturing, application and service as a whole, and always delves into the development of laser technology and laser application, as well as the improvement of its service quality. On the way to be an international top laser enterprise, Feibo keeps going ahead without any distractions. Relying on the scientific research capability of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, Feibo always takes the lead in technical innovation and new product development. Besides the widely-used industrial lasers, Feibo also developed the lasers which can be used in medical treatment, medical cosmetology and scientific research.

Innovative:  Feibo Laser regards the improvement of laser technology as its mission. As one of the four great inventions in 20th century, the application of laser far exceeds humans cognition. Feibo Laser focuses in innovating laser technology, developing new laser application and exploring the unknown field of laser. Feibo is never content with the achievements already made, but always focuses in the development and application of laser in future, aiming to promote the improvement of laser technology and contributes to the progress of all humans.


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          Shanghai Feibo Laser Technologies Co., Ltd.
Phone: 86 021-59962338
Email: sales@feibolaser.com
Address: No.655 Zhaoxian Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
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